Residential Electrical

Residential Electrical Contractor

Need something electrical fixed, upgraded, or added in your home? Have one of our professional electricians take a look. Our electricians have their unlimited electrical license, respond quickly to your call, and handle needed paperwork and permits.

As an added level of customer service, ALL our projects are covered under warranty and we provide 24/7 response to your emergency needs.

Sylvester & Cockrum is a full-service electrical contractor. Our experienced electricians can do it all and have the knowledge, tools, and equipment to complete any size project.

Reasons to call right away:

  • You hear a pop/buzzing sound, or smell something hot from an electrical source or see sparks.
  • You find that electrical circuit breakers trip frequently or your fuses often blow.
  • You notice that your lights flicker or dim unexpectedly when you use certain appliances.
  • Switches, power points and other electrical system surfaces are too hot to touch.

Upgrading your Electrical Panel

If you have circuits breaking too often or want to add more electrical outlets, it may be time for an upgrade. Many older homes still run on a 100 amp service that is not sufficient to handle today's needs. Upgrading to a 200 amp service will allow you to add outlets to meet your needs and replace your old dangerous circuit breakers. Call us to discuss replacing your electrical panel today.

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