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One of the most common and costly mistakes we see building owners make is waiting too long to replace their heater.

This is typically due to the price of the replacement, but when you consider the lump sum of unnecessary repair bills and skyrocketing utility costs, upgrading is often the practical choice. Some common signs it’s time for furnace or heater replacement include:

  • Costly and frequent repair bills
  • The age of your unit has exceeded 9 years
  • Your furnace or heating system is making unsettling noises
  • A strange smell permeating around your furnace (NOTE—if you have a gas system with this symptom, please contact us right away!)

With the amount of experience at Sylvester & Cockrum, we can say with confidence that there are few heating services, challenges, or maintenance tasks we haven’t done. For optimal comfort this winter, contact us today.

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